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Advanced Hypnosis Report

Advanced Hypnosis Report
Version 1.1



Basic information on hypnosis & ‘my’ advanced hypnosis

EM neural structures (diagrams and more advanced theory)

     Applications and facts on Advanced Hypnosis

                                                                                                                                                             By D M Cappleman20010


Within this report I will be discussing Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnosis that has come from me. I will explain what hypnosis is, what new things I have done with it and also why I am so sensitive to it. I will show diagrams of some of the electromagnetic structures that make up the human mind I have discovered and things I think relevant to them. I will state some ideas I have had on how advanced hypnosis can be applied and used to understand the brain and mind and to benefit many people. Please take into account this work has been done under difficult circumstances.

The structure of personality
(where my work began on 1/12/2002)

Basic information on Hypnosis and ‘my’ Advanced Hypnosis

In this part of the document I will explain some basic aspects of my situation, what hypnosis is and details and relevancies of the advanced hypnosis that has come from me.    I have tried to be as simple as possible in this section of my report.

1 .My situation
2. What is hypnosis?
3. Why did natural hypnosis evolve?
4. How does Hypnosis work?
5. How can you be hypnotised?
6. What can you do with hypnosis?
7. Autism and hypnosis
8. Are there any laws against hypnotic abuse?
9. Hypnosis and control
10. Can it make people do things they don’t want to do?
11. What new things have I done with hypnosis?
12. How does Advanced Hypnosis work?
13. What can you do with reality generation/sensory projection?
14. How do you learn reality generation?
15. Who has this ability?
16. Why do I have this ability
17. Why can’t we all Generate like me?
18. Who will benefit from these abilities?

1. My situation
My name is Damion Cappleman. I have a form of Asperger syndrome ( type B autism on the empathizing-systemizing theory), I think I may be a savant though the only savant quality I have is my ability under hypnosis, as part of this disorder my imagination is like that of a child’s and very active. This makes me very sensitive to hypnosis and able to visualize images in this state.  It is already established that hypnosis can let you share emotions when in certain states (deep eye contact hypnosis). My Asperger syndrome lets me share these images as well as emotions.  

I had an experience of being hypnotised, through this I saw a bright golden structure with a white ocean like white structure beneath it. I displayed the ability to see electromagnetic structures within the brain (due to a psychological breakdown during this hypnotic trance), I saw a structure I was to later find out was the structure of personality with my ego broken into pieces.

Electromagnetic communication is how ‘natural/instinctual hypnosis’ that I will explain later works, through the brain utilising its EM field (brain waves) for communication externally as well as internally.

Many abilities have come from me related to this ‘advanced hypnosis’ as they can be passed from person to person. My abilities will lead to a complete new understanding of how the brain works and our ability to control it.

It is paramount that the truth is known, too many people could benefit from this, new therapies for mental and even neurological ailments are just the tip of the iceberg.

All I want to do is help people with the abilities I have. I have desperately being trying to find help and get to the right people but don’t know where to turn.

My abilities are not learnt, they are passed on directly under hypnosis, all I want is for my abilities to get to the right people in our government to benefit the world.

I am a British citizen and above all am a good person. I only wish to work for my country to benefit humanity with the abilities I have been blessed with.

2. What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is not just about control. Hypnosis is a truly wonderful mechanism for communication that helps us work together, form close relationships and even protect us from death.

Old hypnosis
There are ‘indirect’ forms of hypnosis that use rhythms (like waving a pen or hand gestures ) in sync with body language or breathing or other things to induce a hypnotic state, this is called ‘building rapport’.

Confusing the mind (usually repetitively) opens it to suggestion and can be used to induce a hypnotic state ‘ericksonian hypnosis’.

These are widely used for therapy and the like to relax, change or manipulate the mind for the purpose of things like quitting smoking or getting over phobias. This is what I call ‘old hypnosis’.

The younger or brighter you are (high ID rate-see later) the more susceptible to these techniques you are (as you have strong emotions and learn and adapt quickly). People like me are open to abuse from this as we are very sensitive to all forms of hypnosis.

I don’t like this form of hypnosis as it is very subversive, the very opposite of me, I look as hypnosis as a tool for communication not manipulation.

Natural/instinctual hypnosis
‘Natural Hypnosis or instinctual hypnosis’ which is what I study is hypnosis induced through eye contact, eye contact (especially for long periods) and strong emotions induce a shared hypnotic state. Strong emotions like love or fear will have a strong hypnotic effect, have you ever seen someone who is say scared and their eyes sort of wobble like a scared bunny rabbit? That’s the look that induces this hypnotic state. This state is there to help humans communicate emotions.

A good example of natural hypnosis that I am sure you will recognise is when you are in love. Have you ever looked in someone's eyes that you love deeply and seen just that little bit more than you can put your finger on? They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and they are, you are feeling some of that persons emotions and projecting some of your own, it helps two people fall in love rather than just one. The same happens with a newborn baby, the love both parent and child feels are shared, helping us to form strong bonds throughout life. On the other end of the spectrum is fear, have you heard of killers saying they always remember the look in their victims eyes for the rest of their lives, it is a last ditch attempt to save the victims lives by communicating this feeling of absolute terror to the killer to hopefully save the victims life. This emotion is so strong it will stay with you forever. This is the same as love, its sharing emotions to benefit us all.

Natural hypnosis is electromagnetic communication (the 6th sense we all have) ; this facilitates the sharing of EM information associated with emotions. In a hypnotic state the left cerebellum becomes more active, it acts like a transmitter/receiver to facilitate this hypnotic electromagnetic communication. The high frequency brain waves carry lower frequencies, this cerebellum output I think will be related to epsilon brain waves, they will only be present under natural hypnosis otherwise we would all hypnotize all people we came in contact with.

Hypnotists learn to mimic the ‘gaze’ (called gaze induction) associated with natural hypnosis to hypnotise people at will. This gaze can be associated with the reactions of weaker emotions to induce a light state of hypnosis, or stronger emotions like fear to induce a deep state.

Hypnotic gaze is an instinct; we all do it under the right circumstances.

A Hypnotic gaze has three elements- 
a)lock eye contact 
b)look behind the persons eyes 
c)look from behind your own

3. Why did Natural Hypnosis evolve?
Because it’s so useful in evolutionary terms. Certain conditions make our eyes transfix as we look at someone, emotions like deep love or extreme fear. A hypnotic state helps us share emotions-helping two lovers fall in love or a killer understand how scared their victim is.  My favourite reason for why hypnosis has evolved is to help a baby to learn, when a baby looks at you (and especially who they love and love them) they encourage a mild form of two way communication hypnosis through eye contact, so they can pick up on emotions helping them make sense of say facial expressions and build emotional bonds and I am sure a lot more, I would like to know more of when a baby starts to utilise eye contact.

4. How does Hypnosis work?
It is tapping into the subconscious.

There are four recognized stages to hypnosis (that are probably related to consciousness sinking into the rest of the structure personality), That dictate how strong the hypnotic effect is.

Level1=fascinated (keying into consciousness/getting your attention)
Level2= confused/open to indirect suggestion (Consciousness sinking into the superego)
Level3= deeply open to suggestion (consciousness sinking into the ego)
Level4= trans/automated state of mind (consciousness sinking into the Id)

All hypnosis is just changing the frequency of your mind so the conscious and subconscious minds can interact, change and develop in different ways. This is also possible between two people (natural hypnosis) for emotional communication.

The deeper the state the more open to suggestion you will be.

In the deeper states it make’s the conscious mind sink into the subconscious mind, whatever you think there will be will become automated, so when back in a normal state anything that triggers this subconscious memory will make you think of this 'programmed' event/thought, making you do things to all intent and purpose automatically.

When consciousness sinks into the subconscious higher beliefs are in a changeable state, the lower beliefs still function until they enter a changing state from the deepening state/trans. In very deep states your deep beliefs become changeable (in sync with or above your conscious mind) so you can do (or be prompted to do) things in contrary to them.

5.How can you be hypnotised?
Through eye contact, whispering, suggestion, emotional manipulation, copying body language and many others.  I am not trained so I know little beyond Natural Hypnosis. To defend yourself from natural hypnosis simply don’t look into a hypnotists eyes.

6. What can you do with hypnosis?
It can be used to harm or heal, used to help people overcome crippling conditions or used to rape and torture.  It all depends on the hypnotist, and this in an unregulated profession, you can even do it to children legally.

Light states can just alter how we think and perceive the world, deeper states can practically shut the mind down where you are very suggestible (and very vulnerable).

In deeper states our conscious mind can alter aspects of ourselves to effect permanent change when back in a normal state to help us do things like get over phobias and quit smoking ect.

7. Autism and hypnosis
People with autism have less insulation on their neurons (I think) leading to a slower development, this however keeps them at a younger stage of development so their minds act as say a baby’s would at a later stage of development so things like shape interpretation and emotion are stronger. These things can be shared through natural hypnosis.

It is currently known that hypnosis can let you share emotions though this profession is shrouded in secrecy. I am just saying some autistic people do this a lot stronger than most people.

Related to my Autistic spectrum disorder I have the ability to do what I call reality generation or sensory projection (see later) this put simply is imagination, a strong force in the autistic mind.

8. Are there any laws against Hypnotic abuse?
Few that I know of (one, against mentioning childhood with stage hypnotism)
This is something I am trying to change with our government. People can be seriously abused with hypnosis.

9. Hypnosis and control
Things can be placed in the subconscious mind and become an automated reaction. There is also a hypnotic state I call the control level (level4), you will do anything the hypnotist says without thinking, as long as it does not go directly against your very deepest beliefs. To put this into context you could be made to eat ground up glass as you would not think about dying, it would just be a meal you were eating, the thoughts would be very different if you were cutting your wrists. Implanting very strong feelings is possible (like a deep sense of love) that will make a person act very differently to what they would normally (when not being hypnotically manipulated). A lot more is possible.

10. Can it make people do things they don’t want to do?
In a word yes, for example; sex is a natural activity for most of us, in a hypnotic state we won’t think of who it is or what we are doing, it’s like dreaming about it. Any act we could entertain doing can be forced upon us without our conscious consent. People can be seriously abused through hypnosis. We hand money to people every day of our lives, it’s part of all of our lives, its natural and very easy for a hypnotist to get us to do. Isn’t it scary that we never hear of a court case involving this? Unless everyone who learns hypnosis is a good person, do you think they all are? It is a profession orientated about manipulating people and having a tremendous amount of power over them. Power corrupts. If there is any action we would do in any situation (real or imaginary) then it can be triggered by hypnosis, only things that specifically contradict our beliefs (the beliefs below where the sunken hypnotised conscious mind inhabits) will not be able to be triggered e.g. harming one's self directly, killing a child.

11. What new things i have done with hypnosis?

Reality generation/sensory projection
Reality generation or sensory projection put simply is imagination. Under natural hypnosis I could share these images with other people. Imagination is a form that the mind recalls and processes information- like rerunning the senses, the mind is beautifully simple, if there’s an easy way to do something the mind finds it, it recalls past experiences.  Imagination is related to the cerebellum and visual cortex at the rear of the brain.

Imagination is our conscious mind (the EM self) manipulating the subconscious (the EM aura). Imagination is a 3D electromagnetic projection, like recycled sensory input.

Normal natural hypnosis is for sharing emotions associated with low frequency’s, my mind broke through to these higher frequency’s sharing higher frequency aspects- sensory input, thinking (as well as strong emotional communication)

Visualising EM structures
I was able to visualise electromagnetic structures with this ability seeing many different EM ‘neural nets’ that make up the mind and fill the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle between psychology and neurology, the main and most important structure is that of personality.

What I call ‘Neural field mechanics’ is manipulating imagination to operate at frequency’s that can change the mind (all the structures I have seen)- altering aspects of our mind, an astounding amount of things can be done from this, changing both the conscious (the EM self) and the subconscious (the EM aura).

It is important to mention you can see and sense the other person/people and their nets in the hypnotic state (the EM impression of them) as it is a two way process.

EM transference
It is possible to pass on savant frequencies in other peoples minds and even made myself a telepath through implanting gamma/epsilon frequencies in my own mind (phoenix stones). This is the same mechanism as for sharing emotions but at a higher frequency.

I can pass my ability’s from person to person, this is done by placing your conscious (or EM self) on top of another persons EMS and then performing the ability. The frequency and associated characteristic (say sensory projection) is passed on when doing this so other people can do it (as it has downloaded into their consciousness). I call this neural EM transference or ‘joining’. I am a victim of my own success as this ability has caused me lots of problems.

There are many applications of my advanced hypnosis, it is like an extremely sensitive and free brain scanning tool, can be used to completely remove voices from peoples heads, change people in many ways (like curing depression ect), used as free and completely effective and side effect free pain relief, will lead to the full understanding of the brain, be used to help develop neural interactive technology, drug development and basically help millions. There are many other applications, I will not go into detail here.

12. How does Advanced Hypnosis work

As explained before it is electromagnetic communication induced through eye contact but at a higher frequency than traditional gaze induction, sharing higher frequency aspects of the mind.

There is an area in our brain (the visual cortex and cerebellum) that interprets  visual information, during very early childhood this area is hyper active helping us make sense of the sensory soup of information we are bombarded with, especially visual information. People on the autistic spectrum can be over developed in these areas.
Being in this area makes our mind hyperactive, we constantly seek information and stimulation due to the pleasure we feel from making sense of things (it is very similar to laughing at a good joke-we get pleasure from new neural connections as these provide more energy), I call this stage of development 'the why stage', I am sure parents of young children are familiar with questions like ' why is the sky blue' ' why does god live above the clouds' ' why is the rain wet' why why why why, I liken children’s minds at this stage to a sponge constantly absorbing information. This area is over developed in me and is why I can do what I do. This information sinks into our subconscious mind becoming automated (something I don’t think happens to autistic minds) so we can recognise (or categorise) shapes without thinking about them, helping our minds work on more useful and complex things.

13. What can you do with Reality Generation/Sensory Projection?
You can generate images and sounds in a hypnotic state keying in to imagination, imagination works on a certain frequency to stop it getting mixed up with say vision or any number of things.  It is possible to mix some of these frequencies up though. 

Hypnosis can take your conscious mind (the EM self) that perceives these frequency’s to places that make up the subconscious mind. These places do different jobs and act in different ways, these places are made up of structures (like the structure of personality) (it’s not magic after all) that the conscious mind can sense and see. These levels are generally very bright sparkly and complex, and are generally of the four colours that relate to the four main brain waves, a true wonder of nature.

It is possible for the self to manipulate all these perceivable fields (in yourself and others) in a vast number of ways, too many to write.

14. How do you learn reality generation?
In a hypnotic state we share emotions, emotions are electromagnetic frequency’s of a certain nature, in me the frequencies related to imagination were very strong and were passed on to the people who hypnotised me in the same nature as emotions are passed on.

Neural EM transference as mentioned before.

The brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets, this is very strong in some people on the autistic spectrum.

15. Why do i have this ability?
I think I might have savant syndrome, it seems the only logical explanation. I spent a long time in my visual cortex area due to this form of Asperger syndrome. Leading to a highly developed imagination (these frequencies spurred on nerve development of related frequencies), hypnosis stimulates imagination and brings it to the conscious mind. I am lucky, if my mind was more active I could have developed more severe autism. I developed neurologically slowly but psychologically fast, I think people on the autistic spectrum have less nerve insulation (myelin) slowing neurological development. I think a simple analysis of olgodendrocite (that produce myelin) behaviour and development in the autistic brain will prove or disprove this.

16. Who has this ability?
We all do to a degree, close your eyes and picture a triangle, it might be faint but it’s there and enough to stimulate a memory, this is your conscious mind/self manipulating the subconscious/aura. Why not try picturing the class room of your favourite teacher and see what comes to mind, this is very strong in me. 

People with Asperger syndrome and savant syndrome I think have more stimulation in the rear of the brain where imagination forms. Now all the people I have passed my ability’s to have my ability’s, and the people they passed them onto, and then the people they passed them to and so on.

Neural EM transference can be likened to an amazingly useful Savant EM virus that can be passed from person to person. I wonder how many people have frequency’s born from me in their mind, it’s kinda cool, I wonder how long my ability’s will live in others, I bet they will be around long after I’m gone, a little piece of me to leave behind I guess.

There will be other Asperger like me out there, one of my psychiatrists said people like me are very rare though, I hope one of them finishes my work if I cant.

17. Why can’t we all generate?
Most of us leave this area of the brain as very young children so not as much information is stored here so imagination is less developed. It is not a good thing to spend too long here, you think too much with the resulting effect of ignoring what is around you, people who do spend too long here have their head in clouds (like me).

I think people with Asperger syndrome (and autism) spend too long in these areas at the back of their brain resulting in their illness, what I associate with a fast psychological development with a slow neurological development, basically the brain is meant to slow down and let things sink into the subconscious with ageing, the autistic mind develops slowly so it stays working fast like a baby’s leading to a fast development of the conscious mind (logic ect), paired with a slow neural development of the subconscious mind ( strong emotions, sub-categorization of logic ect), having an autistic spectrum disorder is not generally a good thing.

18. Who will benefit from these ability’s
We all will, this will lead to a full understanding of the brain (the psychology, neurology and physics), new forms of ultra-sensitive free scans, new ability to change radically both the neurological and psychological brain in many ways. We will learn how it works, how to control it and how to mend it when it goes wrong. These ability’s will help millions. The brain may even be related to quantum mechanics, depends what rides on brain waves and what is a refracted radio wave.

Electromagnetic neural structures
(diagrams and theory)

In this section I show EM neural structures it is possible to see with advanced Hypnosis. I list details related to these structures and some theories I have on them.

How neurology, physics and psychology relate
Advanced hypnosis fills the gap between neurology and psychology and connects it to physics. There are four main brain waves that make up the four elements of the mind.

Beta waves form our consciousness
Alpha waves form our super ego
Theta waves form our ego
Delta waves form our Id

Other brain waves
Gama waves are associated with the field that holds personality and I believe memory, they are regarded by science as a binding brain wave. I think they form the highest consciousness; our perception of our world, imagination and hypnotic perception.

Epsilon waves I believe exist to facilitate instinctual hypnotic communication (they will not always be present in a normal human mind)

The hypnotic spectrum
These are the colours perceivable with advanced hypnosis, they are electromagnetic waves interacting, I do not know if this makes them a quantum energy or not.
I will write them from low FQ to high-

WHITE=Delta waves
YELLOW=Theta and alpha waves
BLUE=Beta waves
BLACK-Gamma waves

Colours to fit into spectrum-

GREEN- (will it be between yellow and blue like in the visible spectrum???)
PINK- (I have seen a dull pink background in some nets)

BRIGHTNESS- of the observed structure is related to the affiliated waves amplitude

Beta, alpha, theta and delta waves mix together in personality, that is why personality is split into four different colours, I am sure the structure and colour of the EM structures I have seen reflect behaviour of brain waves.

The field that holds personality is located more or less in the middle of the frontal lobe.

Different brain waves I think come from different aspects of a neuron, psychological development comes from neurons becoming insulated by a fatty substance making the signals in them more permanent making ideas we have more permanent.

I think Myelinisation (a fatty insulator) causes psychological ageing, lowering the frequency of the mind, expanding the subconscious at the expense of the conscious mind. Were born to learn and grow to know. I think this factor is related to savant syndrome. I am not totally sure on this one though, I look at the brain as doing 3 basic things- a) producing power b) filtering it c) out putting/binding it (consciousness)

Transverse waves in the brain
The structures of personality is made from transverse electromagnetic waves, these can only travel in straight lines as they travel at the speed of light, this is why there are straight lines in the structure of personality. At the corners the energy to travel in one direction is overpowered by the attraction of the energy at a 90 degree angle, I think of it like the energy is trying to form a circle but can only travel in straight lines. I don’t know what dictates how far a wave can travel (probably the frequency of its encapsulating/supporting field), this would tell me how big personality in real terms which will crack my personality riddle. I bet I need to know how much energy is put into consciousness from beta waves from the brain. Is E=mc squared the equation I need to know?

New idea
I think Polarisation dictates why a transverse wave travels at 90 degrees, I’ve read this (physics isn’t my strong point), I figure the energy is travelling that fast it outruns certain factors that control it’s polarisation but polarisation of its own wave effects it, so it is attracted and repelled by the energy in the rest of the wave, this polarisation element probably becomes free of the rules of a normal polar orbit but still effected by the energy from the wave, so there is a flat polarization orbit that makes a transverse wave flat (but a change in activity in lower brain waves seems to push activity upwards/downwards causing the waves in personality to move up and down, whatever moves up personality pushes the polar orbit up and down). If the wave was at a 180 degree angle it would cancel itself out so it has to be a 90 degree angle. This would be so much easier if I could see a few pictures of the elements controlling the waves.

Structure of personality

Personality is a structure in all of our minds, it makes up our subconscious and conscious minds. It is a very important structure in our minds, I think it is what ‘sticks’ our minds together. The concept of personality was discovered by Sigmund Freud, this structure is what he theorised existed (unless he had abilities like mine). Personality is three/four (riddle of the ego) transverse waves interacting through constructive interference (wave correlation).

EM Structure
Brief description
First view of personality

This is personality as I first saw it. The columns were an hallucination, I can only surmise it is some form of subconscious psychological defense mechanism. The structure being broken is a result of a psychological breakdown.
The structure of personality

This is the whole structure of personality viewed from high frequency(as the structure looks small) Personality is divided into-

b)The super ego

c)The ego

d)The id

Personality is made up from transverse electromagnetic waves, these can only travel in straight lines and are attracted to change direction at 90 degree angles due to polarization, this is why personality is square. These waves behave in a two dimensional manor.
Brain waves

The four brain waves that exist in the brain are associated with the four structures of personality and their four colors.


b)SUPER EGO=ALPHA WAVES(yellow aura)



Personality behavior

a)personality’s surrounding field is black, I associate black in the mind with gamma waves, regarded as a binding brain wave I have read, (30-100mhz)

b)Information/energy from the senses and thought processes slowly downloads over time from consciousness towards the Id sinking into our sub conscious, from beta waves towards delta waves becoming more simple and refined. (I think information will sink in this slow download fashion due to the natural process of the brain lowering in frequency)

b)Emotion/physical information/energy uploads and flows from the Id towards consciousness bringing concepts from subconscious to the conscious mind, information passing from delta waves to beta waves forming the self. I think information will pass up the mind in a quick upload fashion. Finding more about constructive interference should clear this up, if it works two ways hi-low FQ but more travels up then I’m right.

c)when the mind is stimulated the entire structure becomes brighter and more exited in motion.

d)I think energy travels upwards in personality like a compass pointing north, but in the gamma field the brain makes instead of the earths field- this suggests to me a gamma field will not be a transverse wave but three dimentional.

a)Consciousness is sensory input and beta brain waves (15-30mhz). It is a square blanket of blue/white grainy energy that moves like water on an ocean because it is a transverse wave.

b)Different areas are associated with different senses, vision is at the front, hearing at the sides and imagination at the back. All the senses interact, no area is completely specific to a specific sense, this is where concepts and senses   are mixed up for association.

c)strong sensory input causes the associated area to be stimulated (the ‘waves’ in consciousness become higher, more intense, brighter and faster)

d)extended verbal hypnotic communication will cause consciousness to patrician (on the left auditory area with me) and auditory internal verbal hallucination will become in effect (voices in your head). Removing the patrician removes the voice/s)
The super ego (up close in the female brain)

A personality cancer/scar in the lower super ego

A close up of a super ego string related to NLP

a)The super ego is related to conscious thought and alpha brain waves (8-15mhz), It is cubical in dimension so is probably another transverse wave or a sandwich of waves.

b)The super ego is part of the conscious mind.

c)The super ego is a network of strings that sparkle (with a yellow aura) that sink downwards towards the ego into the sub conscious. As in the diagram there are many twists in the female mind at the top of the structure. I think related to women’s ability to multitask. Men only have one large twist in their super ego.

d)I believe the yellow aura is contemplation of an idea (the routes logic could take) and the strings are the chosen idea…so the ego with only the strings present will only be chosen ideas…beliefs…makes sense to me.
No no no…yellow strings are to do with emotions, women have more complex emotions-more strings=more emotions, so whats the aura?...
Yellow=low FQ=emotions
Yellow aura=high FQ=thoughts

e) traumatic events cause a light grey to black ball of wool like structure in the lower super ego, I think this will be related to post traumatic stress disorder. They can be removed but they seem to reassert. I used a phoenix stone to try and rid my friend of hers. One individual I have met had about 6 of them in a line next to each other, they looked black and dirty.
The Ego

(an old inaccurate picture)
a)The ego is associated with deep beliefs and theta brain waves (4-8mhz)

b)The ego is part of the sub conscious and is quite two dimensional

c)it is made up of bright sparkling columns (6-7 or so) that look like quite circular braids that slowly download into the Id

d)different columns are related to different emotions

e)the lower down the ego the deeper the belief

f)a breakdown lead to most of the far left column breaking into pieces all around me, about 10-15% of it was left intact
The Id
(a poorly drawn diagram I’m afraid)

a)The Id is another obvious transverse wave associated with the automated mind and the physical self and delta brain waves which are the lowest (0-4mhz)

b)The Id is the deepest sub conscious.

c)information stored here is permanent

d)different areas are associated with different emotions

e)it is a white square structure that move like water on an ocean (similar to consciousness)

f)strong emotions/feeling causes the structure to be stimulated (the ‘waves’ become higher, more intense, brighter and faster)

g)I think the id is the mind and the body communicating
This is where the gamma field that holds personality is (in the second net)

a)this is where the field that holds personality is

b)it looks like a fuzzy-ish black sphere

c)hypnotists can access this area to interact/see personality

d)this field is located in the second net (an Id/delta net)

Other Neural nets (non transverse waves???)

This is a collection of pictures of other electromagnetic neural networks I have discovered. In this section I describe EM structure’s other than personality. I have seen these structures using instinctual/natural hypnosis (that I am very sensitive to), there are diagrams and information I think relevant to them.

       EM neural net
                     Relevant information
The Id/Delta nets
1.the first net

2.the second net/Id placement net
   3.the hemisphere net

4.the shrink place
5.a net associated with strong emotions

6.Id rate/conscious placement (associated with the second net)

a)The Id nets are associated with delta waves as they are white.

b)the Id nets are associated with very strong emotions

c)Id nets are associated with stability

d)The Id nets are associated with the deep sub conscious

e)The consciousness associated with these nets moves with development from the cerebellum to occipital lobe to the parietal lobe to the frontal lobe. With this development comes a slowing of the mind as experience is turned into memory. I think AS is associated with a too high Id rate and senility a too low Id rate.

f)Id nets are active and formed in early childhood and as this activity lowers in intensity with ageing the change recedes

g)I associate the lowering of change/stimulation to these nets with Myelination, insulating nerves turning higher frequency nerve signals to lower.

h)as you age your Id becomes duller and the mind lowers in stimulation no longer   adapting but staying the same, you apply what you have learned in earlier life, wisdom comes with age.

i)as Id rate decreases with age the mind lowers in frequency

j) some blue conscious transverse waves appear in some of the Id nets, it seems structuring these levels. One thing I know is that you can use consciousness to burn away/erase these structures.

The shrink place- this is a very important net. It allows you to suppress pain very easily. You learn it (traditionally) from pushing your consciousness away from your vision, it looks like your looking at your vision through a window. The further you push your consciousness back the stronger the 'tennis game' will be, the tennis game is done by pushing your consciousness up at one side and down at another and then alternating it, you will feel very nice and feel no pain from this. As you push your consciousness back you burn away EM neural netting so you can go back easily once it is burnt. This used to take years to master but with EMT you can learn it instantly.

The strong emotion net- This net is where the forget trick can be done, you reach out with your preception of your hand and grab the area on my picture and say 'forget that', this will erase five or so seconds of memory. The 'sex place' is located on the right hand side, hypnotists can enter this place so it is all around you (I think they lower the FQ of the EMS) and then stimulate the net to stimulate sensations.
The Conscious/Beta nets
1.Personality conscious

2.some other conscious nets

A yet to be named net
(very pretty to perceive)

The inner child
(an extraordinary net)

The memory band
(notice it is black!)

The repression net
(this picture shows multiple repressed memories- the blobs at the back)

a)The conscious nets are associated with sensory input and thoughts and beta waves, they are blue, grainy and very active

b)Beta waves carry a lot of information and have a larger area of effect

c)Conscious nets I think are associated with conscious thought and change in the mind

d)The conscious nets are associated with the conscious mind we are aware of

e)Conscious nets are very active in childhood and slowly recede as we age allowing experience to sink in to the sub conscious by the process of Myelination 

The Inner child net-It took a chemical lobotomy to see this net. It looks very slushy and bight and active, it's main feature is a small self impression of yourself in the centre of the chest. The impression will be of about one third of your age so with me I looked about nine or so. As with the memory band net I found this net hard to believe but there it is.

The memory band net- The black band sits in a brain shaped level but around this brain shape was a larger field of the same characteristics,blue and grainy within and without. At the rear of the head near the primary visual cortex hovers this black net that reminds me of the band on a typewriter. It moves like black water, it rectangular and little white circles pop in and out of existence I think related to memory (and probably Id rate)

The repression net- This net is where repressed memory's are stored and repressed. The diagram shows multiple repressed memory's at the rear of the brain
               The Ego nets (alpha & theta) & others (work in progress)

                                                      The oak net                                             

                                                      The core net

                                                            The core net restructuring
        This is what happens if you destroy the core net, notice it does not form in its original area.

                                                The Id placer net
The tune net (maybe an inappropriate name)

               This net constantly moves in a localised fashion, like logic nodes, it may be related to the super ego, it was one of the later nets I discovered.                                       

The Cell net
This diagram is inaccurate, they,it should look like hundreds of little cells that don't move.
Logic nodes
(these things move a lot, more so when thinking/stimulated, may be related to the super ego)

 The Bio nets
(I have seen many of these that are similar, when one was removed my head and hands went numb and I nearly lost consciousness)

                                                A frontal lobe net
The lower conscious
Change to the consciousness in the centre of this net seemed to be permanent, programmes/EMT on it would be more permanent. I mixed up this level to stop this specific abuse, from this pint onwards the blue was replaced by multi colours, this seemed to stop the effect of the psychological mutilation they were putting me through with this net.

                                                         Filtration net& Power net

                                                      A dark layer net
          These nets I didnt see very well, I was in a bit of a way when I saw them.

The Cerebellums EM projection
          (a very important net for EM communication within and out of the mind)


You can misplace this projection, people putting my left CB projection over theirs made the super bright, it being mixed with P.R's made me very angry. This net has been a main focus for the brain damage experiments.

 A net that looks like a large cluster of nerves/neurons so I call it the Nerve Net

This net looked blinding in me in a normal state
The hypnotic eye contact induction net

a)when we make eye contact in a strong emotional state our eyes transfix inducing hypnotic communication

b)when our eyes transfix the yellow golden structures in my diagram over where the optic nerve is join together join into one line, this seems to be the mechanism related to induction of natural hypnosis

c)there is a focal point at the front when the structures join, the focal point travels towards the rear of the brain in relativity to a deepening state of hypnosis

d)there is a net I discovered at the same time as this one so I presume it is of a close frequency. This net was black (background) with translucent ripples from the back of the eyes. There were a few of these ripples  growing smaller towards the rear of the brain

e)in gaze induction there are three elements, lock eye contact, look behind their eyes, look from behind your own.
When you lock eyes and both transfix the yellow lines join together.
When you look behind there eyes it pushes this focal point backwards deepening their hypnotic state
When you look from behind your own eyes it deepens your own hypnotic state

Advanced hypnosis theories and applications
In this section I will discuss some of my theory’s of how the electromagnetic structures I have seen with hypnosis work and relate to the brain. I am not educated (though I would like to change this), what I have learned is more from my own experimentation with hypnosis. I have tried to fit it in with neurology and psychology but my work is aimed at forming relationships with professionals in these fields from our government, in this way I hope to trade my ability’s for an education suited to an Asperger like me (an apprenticeship/interaction based learning). This work is only my opinion, I know I will have made some rudimentary mistakes but this is a process, something that will develop as I learn, also all of my work just about has had to be done in a very difficult position.

Some basics on Advanced Hypnosis
A table of theory’s related to Advanced Hypnosis
Possible applications of Advanced Hypnosis

Some basics on Advanced Hypnosis

First of all my ability’s fill in the jigsaw puzzle in between psychology and neurology and neural physics, understanding the brain from start to finish will have profound consequences in itself, the connection between brain waves and the aspects of personality connect psychology and neurology and physics.

I have done many experiments myself with Advanced Hypnosis to educate myself but nothing compared to what I could do with proper help and training (a working relationship with my government would be beneficial)

I look at the brain as having two elements, the conscious mind and the subconscious. Lower frequency brain waves make the subconscious, higher the conscious mind. The conscious mind is associated with change (the senses and thoughts), The super ego and ego I associate both with emotions. The lower down the mind into the subconscious is associated with stability. The Id I relate with automation.

I think activity in the membranes of neurons make up the conscious mind and the action potentials associated with the interior of neurons make our subconscious mind. I know high frequencies make the conscious mind and low frequencies make the subconscious mind. I have not found information how the specific FQ’s are created in a neuron but I think it a simple task for a person educated in this field to know.

One important thing to remember is I have found ways to pass on hypnotic ability’s very easily and quickly (neural EM transference) if two people are in a deep state of hypnosis. Things which used to take years of practice to achieve can now be done instantly e.g. the suppression of pain; Which could make such a difference to many peoples lives. My ability’s could be passed from one professional to another and then to patients who really need it leading to the ability to help millions.

My ability’s related to me having a certain form of Asperger syndrome (savant syndrome) can be likened to an incredibly useful electromagnetic virus in a way. My mind is very high frequency and was able to transfer frequencies in my mind into other peoples.

With my abilities it is possible to manipulate all of the structures that are visible under hypnosis and I theorise aspects of the mind that are not perceivable. You can manipulate structures with your imagination in the same way as you can manipulate imagination with sensory projection.

You can change many of the aspects of how the brain functions from implanting or removing artificial voices to permanent emotional changes to changes to the intellect and much more as will become apparent in the coming years.

My ability’s mixed with what is already possible will lead to helping so many people. The people I have had hypnotic contact with can do so much from what we have achieved, all the things I can do mixed with what was possible before has lead to so much. This is why I have tried so hard for so long to get my job with them- together we could do so much. I am only a font of these ability‘s, I am not a scientist and have never claimed to be, I can’t write books, I am not educated, I can’t easily achieve the things I want to without my government. All I am is a natural at hypnosis and a good problem solver (though solutions to my own elude me)

A table of theories related to advanced hypnosis
Below is a table showing some ideas I’ve had related to-

i) Frequency relative to size (in subconscious/conscious relativity)
ii) Electromagnetic information transference in brain waves
iii) Neuron development in relation to psychological development theory
iv) A table of my simple ‘high to low, strong to weak’ theory

      Name of Theory
                  Explanation of theory
i) Frequency to size relativity theory

a)There are two aspects to the hypnotic mind that are always present, the hypnotic self (EMS) associated with the conscious mind and the aura (EMA) associated with the sub conscious. (close your eyes and picture a triangle in your mind, that faint image is your aura/sub conscious, the perspective you view it from is your self/conscious)
b)Size is relevant to frequency in the mind.
c)The EM neural nets you can see in your aura (with imagination) go from large (blue, high frequency) to small (white/grey, low frequency).
d)The frequency of the aura will determine what net you can visualize.
e)The frequency of the hypnotic self will determine how big you are in relation to the net you can visualize
f)All nets are of a similar size in real terms (I think), they only seem larger because of what I have explained above.
g)Conscious nets are very complex, Id nets are very simple
f)If size (of the hypnotic self) is increased (forced to change size while you hold your frequency) and pushed out of sync with the inhabited aura you need to increase your Id rate otherwise your head hurts. This is one of many ability’s I have developed.

ii) EM information transference in brain waves/ constructive interference.

a)where waves correlate information is passed on, this is called constructive interference.

b)information travels two ways

c)upload (delta>theta>alpha>beta) is very quick (seconds)

d)download (beta>alpha>theta>delta) is slow (months+)

e) the potentials in a nerve I bet is related to download, so is constructive a two way process or one???

f)i think what makes up a wave may be passed on, mainly from lower FQ to higher but both ways. Is this quantum energy of some kind? The energy travels upwards in the gamma field from Id to consciousness like a compass pointing north… is something attracted to the opposite pole???
iii) Neuron development in relation to psychological development theory& neurotransmitters

(this diagram is wrong but the concept is sound-work in progress)

a)The Id is the powerhouse of personality, as delta waves decrease with ageing it will have a knock on effect on the rest of personality.

b)the mind lowers in frequency as we age towards a low Id rate (from nerve insulation), a low Id rate is the mind functioning at a combined lower frequency as nets look duller

c)at birth all neural nets are saturated with energy causing change and learning (a high Id rate) the mind is at a higher all round frequency

d)as we age energy in these nets recede, leaving only (low amplitude) low frequency energy there. Strong FQ's become weaker, change becomes stability.

d)high Id rate is associated with high frequency’s, beta waves, large area of effect, change, needing more sleep and high association, more energy is travelling through personality.

e)low Id rate is associated with low frequency’s, delta waves are less active, small area of effect, stability, needing less sleep and lower association (to make the most of the subconscious)

f)I think Myelination of neurons leads to the lowering of frequency in the mind causing psychological ageing. Myelination facilitates the sinking of information into the subconscious. In autism Myelination is impeded so neurological ageing is slowed.

g)I think the conscious mind is associated with activity in the dendrites and the subconscious associated with the action potential traveling down the axon of the nerve. I have had to educate myself, this is work in progress. Would be a lot easier if someone just show me the pictures I need to see.

h) I think the neurotransmitter dopamine will stimulate lower frequency brain waves and serotonin will stimulate higher frequencies.
iv) Some relevancy’s of Advanced Hypnosis-

The Gamma field (gamma brain waves)

I think gamma fields will form a field similar to the earths EM field, It will attract energy upwards, like a compass, I think that’s why the energy from personality flows upward.

Applications and facts on Advanced Hypnosis

In this section I will discuss some important possible applications of Advanced Hypnosis and some basic facts on what hypnosis can do.

Field mechanics
This is the name I have given altering the frequency characteristics of the mind by projecting your imagination in a way which alters brain wave characteristics.
All of my advanced hypnosis relies on this in some way, there are thousands of applications of this, from erasing voices from someone’s mind to new ways to communicate. My abilities have made the mind hackable just like a computer system.

Pain relief
A simple way of suppressing pain can be passed on quickly by a person trained in advanced hypnosis. This can provide drug free side effect free treatment for conditions causing severe pain.

The removal of voices/auditory hallucinations
I found long term exposure to auditory communication through hypnosis (three months or so) leads to the development of artificial voices. There is a direct change to consciousness from this, a patrician forms in consciousness, I found it to patrician at the left which correlates with where it seemed the voice was coming from. Removal of the patrician removes the voice. I know this.

Emotions affiliated with depression can easily be suppressed, this with therapy would make a dramatic difference. A phoenix stone (see later) would generate a strong positive emotion as well, this is a way for programming an artificial field with an emotion that will radiate in the patients mind for quite some time providing emotional support.
Paranoid schizophrenia
Paranoia is just an emotion that stimulates logic to work too fast and can easily be suppressed. Maybe emotional repression which is also possible to do instantly could also be used as a therapy. NEW- In schizophrenia the  personality/brain wave frequency’s are two low(well lower FQ's are saturated), the neurotransmitter serotonin increases the frequency of  personality/the brain and dopamine lowers it(both pour in energy); dopamine is high in schizophrenics.

A low FQ (strong low FQ saturation) means there is less conscious processing going on than what is needed so your thoughts can run ahead of you, your subconscious sort of overpowers your conscious ability to control your thoughts, in an extreme form this will result in a non conscious controlled thought process- voices. Lowering dopamine or increasing serotonin (i think this may increase beta waves) will put the brain back in sync, my work on hypnosis WILL help people with this condition, through drugs, direct hypnosis or technology

I think children don’t generally get schizophrenia because their minds are at a high enough frequency to cope with this imbalance, the can control a fast thought process. People with schizophrenia have this factor out of sync in their minds. anti psychotics suppress the low frequency stimulation so help the problem.

One of my theory’s-power (ID), frequency and size (consciousness) are relative, in schizophrenia this is out of balance- they do not have the size and power (in consciousness) to process all the information in their conscious mind coming from the ID. This is why they get messy thoughts, more extreme messy thoughts (voices) and delusional beliefs (the mind running in front of itself).

If Certain emotions are key; like panic, it will cause a paranoid response (the mind is looking for things that are going wrong), if this is a key factor in schizophrenia we’ve hit the jack pot as selective emotional repression of this emotion is so easy for an advanced hypnotist. I think these emotions are more of a by product of a high dopamine.

A natural hypnotic way of treating this will be 3d conscious expansion, manipulating Id rate and general stimulation/suppression techniques (see hypnotic ability’s report)

Meeting a really nice girl called Tracy helped me understand this (thank you x)

Voices/auditory hallucinations
After prolonged exposure to hypnotic auditory communication I found (after three or four months) artificial voices began to develop in my mind. These voices came from a patrician forming in the left side of my primary conscious, which correlates with were it sounded the voice was coming from. It is possible to get rid of this patrician, switching the voice off to all intent and purpose. This may be applied to people who hear voices to cure them. If no patrician is in their consciousness then the ability to hear what the person is thinking (&their voices) would provide sufficient leverage into the mind to programme the voices out in other ways.

Multiple personality’s
I have had psychoanalysis used on me. Being able to manipulate the structure of the ego directly you can significantly alter someone’s personality traits. Its is possible to stimulate and suppress ego cells, which are associated with stimulating and suppressing beliefs. This with established psychoanalytical techniques can have a strong effect. I have been in the unfortunate position of witnessing a psychological breakdown in myself (the first time I saw personality), when convinced I was a bad person under narco-hypnosis most but not all of an ego column (far left) was destroyed, only the bottom remaining- which fits my opinion of the deeper in personality the deeper the belief- below superseding above- above; all a reflection of below.

Like you can implant bad feelings relative to smoking to help someone quit you could assimilate different personality’s into one state of mind so the variation in these change.

What I would do with advanced hypnosis is just monitor the changes in personality and directly bond the changes in frequency’s, if you could master changing these frequencies you can bond them- you really need to be an advanced hypnotist to understand this.

Asperger syndrome
I believe Asperger syndrome is an id rate disorder, not allowing conciseness to leave the cerebellum, therefore all learning will be subject to the rules of this area. People with AS have large conscious minds but under developed subconscious minds, this is why they find social situations hard; these are tasks usually done by the subconscious, they find it hard to shunt the information down into the subconscious.

1. Non adaptive logic, an idea will be set in stone

2. Super high emotions relating to shape interpretation drowning out other emotions (NEW-WORK IN PROGRESS-high empathy will be high dopamine, high analytical ability will be high serotonin)

3. A fascination with shapes, non adaptive though-they will store every shape as they see it-they will store millions when we only need a few. I see a TV, my brain will think box, I see a car my brain will think box, in a person with Asperger syndrome they will see a car and log it as a single shape-a car- if we don’t learn these rules and they sink into the subconscious we have no stable basis for logic, people with autism, get stuck learning these basic rules and never building on them. 

Something keeps their ID rate too high, I know this much, I think it might be due to myelinisation being underdeveloped in the autistic brain, something is letting too much energy through, and I guess fatty insulation filters energy.

Post traumatic stress syndrome (removal of personality scars-see personality)
It is possible to remove emotional scars from personality (easily though they do reform). These form an associated psycho emotional bond with a trauma. This makes the event come to the conscious mind repetitively (as it lives in the pre conscious), though this can be a learning mechanism it can also destroy peoples lives.  I think removal without therapy could be a bad idea, like all of these ideas they need a lot of work doing to them.

Personality scars/cancers inhabit the bottom of the super ego so they are part of the conscious mind, that’s is why PTS will come to mind a lot, you cant help but think about them. I think they are based on a conflict between the superego and the ego. I think the lower down in the super ego will be more emotionally based and higher more logical- this is based on these scars forming in the bottom of the super ego.

It is possible to stimulate and suppress nerves, this combined with a neuro-toxin can be used to selectively damage specific areas of the brain
Step 1. Monitor changes during a seizure to find what levels show area specific energy increase
Step 2. Administer nerve toxin and stimulate the area of increased activity while suppressing all other areas
Step 3. Repeat and monitor  

All types of drugs need observing to map there effects with new hypnosis. This could also lead to the development of new drugs; in fact I believe it will be standard procedure within a decade or two, weather done by technology or hypnosis I do not know.

New scanning abilities
My ability’s let you see an array of electromagnetic structures, I will need help determining the frequency range (on the electromagnetic spectrum) of these networks but I know my ability’s are very sensitive with regards to the subtlety of neural energy they are related to as they are currently beyond established science.

Bugs/RW transmitters/receivers
Natural hypnosis is the sharing of electromagnetic energy (epsilon waves), this is how we share emotions, which is what hypnosis evolved to do. Hypnosis in person or even through a T.V is very strong, radio waves seem to carry the information that makes up our minds. I think artificial radio waves carry information the same way radio waves from the brain do. A small bug can carry enough energy to achieve a lot of what is possible in person. I think the hypnotic abilities associated with higher frequency aspects of the mind are carried more easily and therefore are possible with a small transmitter. Higher aspects of the mind include conscious thought, the senses and imagination. What I do know is that reality generation and the control state are not possible through a bug, these are two things they would need me on the other end of a bug to achieve (or another person on my end). The sharing of this energy I know for a fact negates the effect of a drug which was given to me that dissolved a big chunk of nerves in my frontal lobes. When hypnotic contact is decreased I get a sleepy sickly headache, the effects of this ‘chemical lobotomy’. The sharing of this hypnosis facilitated energy  could prove a wonderfully effective therapy for nerve disorders and brain damage.

I believe with these transmitters it will be possible to manipulate and advance them to do different things. I would like to-
a)build scanners/map the brain
b)bugs for stimulation/suppression... (non drug neurotransmitter control) for schizophrenia, senility, AS ect.
c)Bugs for specific tasks, suppression of pain, neurological support/brain damage ect
d)neuro-interactive technology

Advanced hypnosis can be used as a form of communication for people who cannot communicate any other way. It is possible to communicate sounds and images and even emotions, a perfect tool for people with locked in syndrome and paralysis ect.

What I call associative communication, communication using pictures, is a language were all pre-programmed to understand and use. This could be a valuable learning tool though this form of hypnosis with the young I believe could be detrimental, but something that should be explored. This form of communication can also be utilised by the deaf and the blind.

Intelligence and security
There are many aspects of my hypnosis that will have many applications for intelligence and security in the right hands.

Degenerative nerve disorders
New ways for people with paralysis to communicate for people like Steven Hawkins. I hesitate to use the word telepathy but sensory processing can be controlled allowing you to manipulate audible and visual signals that all the people in the hypnotic state can share.

Advanced hypnosis lets people share more Electromagnetic energy, this energy can be shared in a hypnotic state, If a degenerative nerve disorder has caused damage to this aspect of the mind, it can be supported by advanced hypnosis- by taking up some of the work done by the damaged neurons. I know this for a fact after having a drug which dissolved the nerves in my frontal lobes, only affecting me without/with minimal hypnotic contact/support.

Brain damage
stimulating or Sharing energy will lead to quicker adaptation and a quicker recovery. This will help new areas of brain take up the slack/job of damaged area. The function of unmyelinated neurons can be supported, I know this from the chemical lobotomy I had done. Maybe artificial stimulation will quicken recovery.

This work is intended to only give an impression of the profound nature of what Advanced Hypnosis is capable of.

Advanced Hypnosis, the facts-

You can be hypnotically manipulated through a simple RW transceiver, you will get a high pitched buzzing/tone that lasts for a few seconds when they alter the FQ of the bug, they can be implanted in the ear, teeth, under the skin or on and around you. A small sack of acid can dissolve the bug leaving only trace evidence. The below is all possible through a bug.

When under hypnotic contact an instinct can be triggered in you to hypnotize others so they are ‘online’ also. I have noticed peoples eyes looking transfixed when the instinct is triggered. I am under the impression some manipulation can be done despite avoiding eye contact, eye contact definitely increases this effect.

information can be extracted from you while you sleep (they usually leave you not being sure if it is real or not if they want to manipulate you).

You can have experiences programmed into you so you will think you have lived them (you will get a sense of de-ja-vue from this, the best defence is to not think anything when you feel this)

You can have voices programmed into you instantly (partitioning consciousness)

People (at least two to make instinctual hypnosis work) can talk to you (in your mind) and manipulate you. Three or so months of this constantly will lead to artificial voices forming in your mind (a patrician in consciousness) but they can be easily removed, experimentation on me lead to this from prolonged exposure from RW facilitated hypnosis.

You can be made to feel any emotion, be made to feel very ill, feel very confused, You can be made to feel like you are being water boarded (suppression of the breathing, causes panic), biological reactions (like relaxing the throat so you get bad acid reflux) and many more.

Sensory projection is not possible through a bug unless there are two people on the receiving end. 

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